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I am moving to Jeddah in August. I would appreciate if someone advises me on which mobile sim to acquire in Jeddah and How to go about it.

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If you plan on going postpaid, just get an STC with the lowest plan which gives you 6gb data per month and few other things which will suffice.
(If I recall it's 100sr per month) - STC … ile/Mobile

If you plan on going prepaid *budget*  go with virgin mobile and subscribe to a monthly data plan which will cost 20sr+ depending on the data limit. Their postpaid plans aren't too bad either.

If saving money isn't a priority just go with either STC or Mobily prepaid package of your liking.

In terms of reception, Mobily is generally* better off compared to the rest.

Thanks buddy!

It really depends on your usage if you need it for calls, normal internet browsing, youtube, social media, facebook, or heavy movie download

Basically there are two types of mobile SIM. In the phone and in the router.

SIM in the phone for voice and internet. If you are very active in youtube and social media then Zain having a plan with free youtube and social media. Shabab at SAR130 per month. If you are business frequent traveler then go with their postpaid with free data roaming, free minutes and data at SAR199 postpaid plan. If you are budget user then go with prepaid Khateer or Kareeb plan.

SIM in the router. This is to have internet for your laptop, tablet, apple TV, smart TV, play station, etc. If you are willing to pay SAR1 per GB then go with 300GB for SAR299 with 3 months validity or 600GB for SAR549 with 6 months validity. Get unlimited plan ONLY if you are a not willing to pay SAR1 per GB and dont mind having your speed limited from time to time.

If you are using iPhone then it makes more sense to have Zain because you will have WiFi Calling to save from expensive roaming calls, Voice over LTE to have High Definition quality, LTE-Advanced to have double or triple the speed as compared to normal LTE.

Thank you so much comprehensive info.

If I need both mobile and laptop which plan for heavy user?

For mobile if you are a heavy user on youtube go with Shabab plan at either SAR130 or SAR249 per month. If you are heavy making calls, internet and roaming, go with the premium postpaid plan at SAR349 or even SAR749 if needed.

For laptop, I would suggest to go with 600GB plan at SAR549 with 6 month validity. Try to avoid unlimited data plan.

600 GB with which company? And do they allow me to have sim without iqama (with passport and border number).

600GB with Zain … r/packages

For passport and border number then you can choose either. Noor Package or Noor Data … /noor_data


aakwaqf :

600 GB with which company? And do they allow me to have sim without iqama (with passport and border number).

Don't bother with those just get Fibre+ 50MBs down and 10 MBps up - Unlimited
This particular one is 250SR per month, been using STCs fibre bundles for years now. Just a few hiccups once in a blue moon.

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