Family joining visa for my son..

Good day everyone,
Im a Filipina single mom working here in oman more than 3yrs.. Im planning to apply family joining visa for my son 8yrs of age.. I went to Rop today and ask for requirements needed and luckily I have everything except for my Ex boyfriend passport copy.
Im not married to him, but my son having his last name.. We ddnt contact each other more than 8yrs already, so wat shall I do now? Is there anyway to fix my problem?
Pls help! Thank u

Hi kukumamdani44,

Quite tricky, because your son is carrying a name over which he has no claim officially.

I assume that all his records would carry that name as well.

So it is imperative that you must locate your former partner and ask for his passport copy.

If your search proves futile, then other options to resolve this issue can be explored.

Hello Sumitran, thank you for ur reply..
I already talked to his brother today, unfortunately he dont have passport at the moment.. Im trying to get No objection letter from him stating that he will give me the full custody of the child.. But still I dont know if this paper will be enough to get visa for my son.. Hope someone can enlighten me more regarding this issue.. Since the police officer I talked to seems he dont respect my situation im in..
Btw, thanks alot Sir..

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