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HI EVERYONE .. I am from India. . recently I got an offer from Oman .. I got visa also which is entry visa / type employment for two years. after that I reached Oman on may 29 th 2017. after reaching Oman I came to know that company is in bad situation. . so I planned to return to India .. I informed company and came back to india within two days .. and there is no residence card stamped for me.. my question is if I get any offer in future can I go to Oman without any restrictions??? I have been there for only two days....

Hi suresh3481,

If the employment visa in your passport was 'cancelled' at the airport prior to your departure, in the presence of your company PRO then your will fall under the 2-year ban. Else, you can come back by the next available flight !

how is visa for job?

thanks for replying sir.. my Company PRO came to airport with me.. but he said u go check in.. and he left.. my entry visa dint cancelled...   later he called me and said u can come back and join in the same company.. my problem is I don't want to join in that same company.. I am trying for another offer in Oman. .if I get any offer.. can I get visa from new company??? ..

I am from chennai Anna nagar..

Hi suresh3481,

Well, this is quite dicey, since your employment visa has not been cancelled.

This ploy effectively rules out any possibility of another company applying for a new employment visa for you, since you already have a valid one against your name and passport number.

Now, if the employment visa gets cancelled, then you must have your employer's NOC. Else, it is the same old story ...

sir one more doubt... in my visa it says expired on Aug 2017. what about that

Hi suresh3481,

Then obviously yours is not an employment visa which comes with a validity period of 2-years. Maybe you were brought on an Express Visa. If you did not come and exit on an employment visa then the 2-year ban will not be applicable in your case.

sir can u send a test mail to my email so that I can send my visa copy .. so that u will get a clear idea and explain me correctly..

my mail I'd

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Hi suresh3481,

I cannot see any more than what you can see in that visa.

What I can see in your visa, you can see as well.

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