Adding child born abroad as dependent in Kuwait

Hey everyone, I recently added my first born a dependent, yes, i'm a dad now :P

So, here's the process in 8 simple steps link

It is tedious, but if you know what needs to be done, you can be done in under a week, took me longer but hey, at least you will all benefit :D

Congrats man!!!!  Your life will NEVER be the same, and I think you'll find that's a good thing :D

@legacy - congrats! As Willgrow3 said - life will never be the same again.

BTW, read through your steps. Sounds more like a map Indy got for a treasure - all the clues with regular boss battles with bureaucracy!!!


I heard that one often, bit in my case, my life stayed mostly the same. :) Maybe it was set up right in the first place.  :/

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