Looking to Relocate to Zanzibar in mid-2018

I am an Englishman who has spent the bulk of his life in Zambia and South Africa.  Latterly I have been in the UK, but Africa is in my blood and I am looking to return to Africa in the middle of 2018.  I have a varied background with considerable experience in education as an administrator at the tertiary level and in construction. A friend of mine from South Africa will be joining me and ultimately we will be looking to acquire a small coastal property and settle down in Zanzibar.  Initially I would like to find some simple, inexpensive accommodation, as well as get some guidance as to what I could do when I arrive there to begin generating some income.  I am not 'picky' in this regard.  I would appreciate it however if those of you who are already settled in Zanzibar could give me some guidance, possibly open some doors or give me some introductions to those who might be able to assist. I do have a year to make arrangements so I am prepared to go through a longer process to ensure that I can make proper arrangements.  Any input would be much appreciated.

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