Recognition of foreign qualifications in Morocco

Hello everyone,

Were your professional qualifications recognised in Morocco? What country did you complete your qualifications in? What profession are you in?

Did you have to go through any formalities to get your qualifications recognised, such as to have them translated?

If your qualifications weren't recognised, were there any additional tests or exams you had to complete before you were able to practice your profession in Morocco or continue with your studies?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


My employer took care of much of this for me.  Yes, it was all recognized (probably though a translator).  However, all the docs had to be ORIGINAL, in print documents.  NO faxes, scans, email attachments were allowed.  Even birth certificates had to be originals, just in case the day you arrive they are demanding originals.  And the French beauracracy here sometimes works very slowly and inconsistently.  Be patient, but persistent.


I am a certified teacher.  The demands for English teachers (ESL or EFL) are great and I imagine now even more.  I worked in a private school that did not ask for certificates or anything, as long as you spoke English.  However, I think that most schools would hire people with teaching experience.  In other fields it is required that you speak French and Moroccan Daarija.  Degrees from US and Europe are definitely recognized and well regarded.

Sorry I can not be more helpful.

Same story! I am also a certified teacher from the Netherlands. I have been teaching in Mexico for the last three years (Social Studies) and I will start in Casablanca in August. Until now, no problems with certificates but the school is taking care of everything if I bring the original documents with me. Hope the information helps!

Yes, I came as a teacher.  Most of us come in to work really on  a  90-day tourist visa.  During that 90 days my school took the  documents I had and began working on a year's extension based on my work contract with them.  After 90 days if your school has applied for a work and residency permit for you, after submitting documents to the foreign police you receive a "recipice" which tells anyone inquiring from the government your details, and that you are waiting on your residency.  You may apply for one to several years, the length allowed varies by nationality.  I had been working at another school overseas before this school in Morocco and was warned during my first year in Morocco that it would be advisable to submit original documents in hand for the next stage: applying for a residency visa. a "Cour te Sejour".  So we went home to the States that summer and collected the original personal and work-related documents.  During that time also my employer took care of readying the documents for us to take to the foreigner police office headquarters.   We had to make extra trips to notary publics to have documents signed stating that we really were who we said we were.  Everything in French, of course.  We received our long term residency visas about six months after application.

Schools prefer teachers with teaching licenses and if the teacher doesn't have one I hear there is always the possibility, though never carried through on that I hear of, that the application for work visa could be refused.  I've known of many teachers at our school teaching without licences.

Hi there
I just read your post... am from Mauritius
am in the same situation actually. I came to teach english with 2 kids *private* i tried work visa and it wasnt that easy so i came on visit visa last year 21june2016 i went to immigration etc it took like 2 months to get an appointment in Rabat and it was finally 26january2017 but the thing is that am still waiting for the carte de sejour i have a receipt they gave me n said this paper certify that u are on the process or something the place i was working said that the paper is expired and i have to go back to my country and when i asked the man who did my paper he said that this paper never expire and we can use it all the time untill i get my card. How many years you got to stay?  And can i have more information please...

It sounds like your employer doesn't know how the government handles such things.  I would explain it to my employer and if they don't understand, ask them to go with you to the foreign police office to hear their explanation.  Often the beauracracy here moves very slowly, so slowly that even government officials are surprised about the slowness.

Bachelors , masters and Phd's are widely reconised in Morocco 🇲🇦, plus spécialties like computers and network marketing

No need to complete any exams for that matter.

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