Australian thinking of retiring in Spain

Hi all,

Any suggestions on moving to Spain as a retiree couple.  My husband loves to surf but not 8th crowded areas and I love to explore.

Would love to hear from this who have done this.  The pitfalls and advantages.  Loves and hates.


If surfing is your thing, then you need to go near Santander or down by Cadiz. It isn't likely to find any surfing on the Med. Coasts.  We are a family of 4 but help many retirees too with the information in our blog.  have a check and see if anything strikes you.  the home page is a link to "move to Spain" section.   You can just use your search to find Wagoners Abroad.

Thanks will take a look.

I surf too...all northern coast of Spain is plenty of spots. Basque Country has been always my favourite destination.
I'm from Mediterranean and I can tell you it also offers good waves...but unconsistent swells and mostly on winter season, on the other hand, few people in the water (so far).

Canarian Islands is a paradise for surfing and good weather all year long.


Thanks for your input. We will be coming next may to explore.

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