Marriage in Bali

I'm Australian guy wanting to marry Indonesian woman , we both are seeking divorce from our partners which should be settled in the next 4 weeks then we plan to marry on the beach in Bali no frills low budget wedding, can anyone assist with some good information & point me in the right direction,,, After we marry I'd like to bring her here to Australia even if only on a tourist visa for 3 months

Once divorces are settled, should be pretty easy.
An Australian will need a bunch of documents including a certificate of no impediment, birth cert and divorce papers, all legalised by whoever does that in Oz.
An Indonesian needs all the usual stuff she'll be aware of.

One point, a non Muslims wedding (if that applies) should be registered at the local area office. No real point if you intend to live in Oz but very handy if you ever decide to move to Indonesia.
Worth doing just in case.

Thank you Fred for your information, I have my baptism records etc , yes we will be doing a Christian wedding, would you know of how to book a peace of sand On The beach & celebrant, my partner is in Jakarta & we hope to possibly move to Bali with me commuting from Australia to Bali regularly, again thank you for replying

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Jakarta is a very long way from Bali in many ways, not just distance.
I'd be tempted to try calling a few hotels and see what shakes.
If you intend to spend time in Indonesia, make sure you register the marriage with the local area office.

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