Barcelona vs. Valencia

Hi everyone.  My wife and I will be moving (retiring) to Europe from the USA in 2-3 years.   We will "young" retirees -- both about 50yrs old.    We have narrowed it down to Lisbon, Barcelona and Valencia.   I will admit that Lisbon is in the lead for a variety of reasons -- cheaper cost of living (at least compared to Barcelona), less touristy, and English seems more widely spoken. We also love the elevation changes throughout the city.

That said, we both like the locations of Barca and Valencia better for travel, and they both have more comprehensive metro systems (we plan on living without a car).   

I would appreciate it if anyone could offer me pros/cons of Valencia and Barcelona.  If you happen to be really familiar with Lisbon, and want to tell me why Spain is better, I am open to listening!   More than anything else, I am very interested in how easy it is to LIVE in Spain if we only speak English currently.   Being a tourist is one thing, but living there is quite another.   But, we are interested also in expat lifestyle, or anything else you would like to offer in terms of advice.

If anyone knows both Valencia and Barcelona well, and want to offer comparisons, I would love that.  If you only know Valencia well, but you have insight on what it is like to live there as an expat, I would love to hear that too. 

Thank you very much!


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