I'm from Indonesia, visiting UK this weekend for 2 weeks

Hello. My name is Priscilla. I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm visiting UK from 24 Jun until 8 Jul, this would be my first time. I'll be staying nearby London generally.

I know some people and some of my acquaintances in the UK. But it would be great if I could meet some Indonesian fellow, and also non-Indonesian, to make new friends, meet some new people.
Please let me know if you might have free time, so we can arrange to meet up, or maybe you can advise me places to visit.

I'd be glad to hearing from you. Thank you, guys!

I am originally from Mauritius, if you fancy visiting south London, you may give me a tinkle.

Try to not just see London. Get up north, York, Chester, Ludlow, etc.

Hi there, have you landed safely? what do you think about London then?  a bit cold maybe? Hope to hearing from you soon. Wil

Ladyflet :

Try to not just see London. Get up north, York, Chester, Ludlow, etc.

Chester is nice but York is fantastic.
I strongly suggest a trip there if you can.

Hi all,

Apology for my late reply.
I didn't have chance to log on here when I was there. But many thanks for all your responses & advice. Appreciate it.
Since I was mostly alone, first timer and commute with only underground train, I only get to visit tourist attractions around London.
The weather was nice, not too cold, sometimes  gloomy, but there were days which quite hot.
Definitely I very much enjoyed being there!
Hope that I will have opportunity to visit your lovely country again :)


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