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Hello Everyone,

I am a Biochemist by profession and my family and I moved to Norway a year ago from the United States. I have been learning Norwegian to gain employment here. But now, my husband's been offered a role as an expat in KL and we move in a couple of months. I am planning to have a career shift, to teaching school children which has always been my passion. Can anyone elaborate on how to enter the teaching field in  English speaking schools/International schools, any specific teacher training examinations/courses to take? Or any internships available for inexperienced candidates? Any information would be helpful.

There are a couple of schools that aren't too fussy about experience. If you want to check out Fairview -  I think without full qualifications and experience it could be difficult and of course you do need a minimum monthly salary of RM5k to qualify for a work permit (i.e. to convert from a dependent visa).

Here is a useful  website that lists all the international schools
And you can check out qualifications say at

This kindergarten is always looking for staff

Thanks much Gravitas! I will check these out.

Sorry I forgot to check out your profile - so I must also add a school which might have some possibilities - that is the Global Indian International School. There is also Vikas International School. So do take a closer look at these :-))

Sure, thanks!

One other small thing is there are unfortunately some people running scams in conjunction with fake jobs in international schools. They interview, send a contract and then ask for an advance payment to arrange say travel or immigration.

No reputable school would ever ask for money from prospective employees - so please be cautious if you suddenly find a too-good-to-be-true offer of your dream job popping up :-))

Deal direct with schools and not through sites such as asiateachingjobs -

Yes,I agree. Even I think it's good to approach the schools directly. Thanks for the tip though :)

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