Time for EP to be approved

Hi my name is Ashok. I have selected by a consultancy in Singapore and they have submitted long term EP for me a week before. Could anyone please let me know, how much time will it take the EP to be approved. i'm very much curious about this. Please help me asap.

I would suggest please go through various open forums here and you will find plenty of discussions on this topic alone. In short, it could be in 1 week, in Long, it may take 4 months. Good luck.

Thanks bro :)

Agree with Surya2k. My EP applications take about 1 day when I've moved companies and about 1 week when I first came to Singapore but I now hear cases of months for approval if you get one. Role, salary, age and company all play a big part in the approval process. For a company to hire a non-Singaporean, they must justify why a local can't do the same job you are getting. if they can't successfully do that then it will be hard to get approval. So if you are very specialized or can demand a high salary, it will be easier. If not, it could be difficult.

Hi ash_vet,

Would like to know if your EP is approved already?if approved, how long is the waiting time your pass approved?

As per MOM, they will give result for most of the cases in 3 weeks (mentioned at MOM website). But as mentioned above, If MOM found you suitable, you can get in 1st week itself or else it can go down till 4 months. I am also waiting for approval. only 6 days has gone.
@ash_vet : let us know whether your EP got approved ? how long it took ?

Hi rajspy84,

May i know the name of the consultancy who applied your EP?


Infosing, what about you.

Kelly services...but my application is not yet applied. I am still not sure when they are going to apply it. I hope this week. I hope also that this consultancy is not one of the watchlists of MOM.

Keep us posted if any updates on your application. Thanks!!

Hi Philantro and Ashok,

Have you got your EP approved? How long it took exactly.
Myself also in the same situation. I am changing the company.

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