Student Jobs in bruselles

Hey I m moving to study in Belgium and as I m from Tunisia (1euro = 2,8 tnd :'( )
Belgium s so expensive for me so I will be I need to hv a job
Here I m working as a nurse but I don't know if I can hv a work permition to work there but I m open to work any kind of work
But I m wondering about the taxes ? How much hours as a student I can work per a week ? How much I can have as a students again? How can I find a good durable job student ????? Any ideas pls ? Have any one here been in my situation? Thx

Presumably you read French so Google will bring you the answer

I did and I got a lot of answer but I m looking for some one how did pass buy this experience bcs it s so deffrent to hear for some one how lives the experience then to just read formulary

20 hours

How much as maximum  income?


The au-pair system could be the more interesting for you.

How to work au Pair in Belgium for a young non-national of the E.E.E.?

Foster families wishing to be assisted by a young au pair who are not nationals of the E.E.E. must comply with the conditions and obligations described in particular in the Royal Decree implementing the Law of 30 April 1999 on the occupation of foreign workers.

Conditions for the au pair off E.E.E.

- You must be at least 18 years of age and have not reached 26 years of age on the date of granting of the occupation authorization and the work permit.
- You must have a diploma, which in your country of origin gives you access to higher education or provide proof that you have taken courses at least until the age of 17 years.
- You must have a basic knowledge of the language used by the host family or make the commitment to acquire this basic knowledge through the continuation of intensive language courses immediately after the arrival in Belgium.
- You may not have already received a work permit in Belgium
- A contract must be signed between the Au pair and the host family. The participation of the young au pair in day-to-day family tasks, including childcare, may not exceed four hours per day and 20 hours per week (article 27 of the Royal Decree implementing the Law of 30 April 1999 on the occupation of foreign workers).

Your obligations

- You must follow during the term of the Au pair placement, courses at an institution recognized, approved or subsidized by one of the communities or determined by the regional minister who has the employment in his attributions. This institution teaches the language or languages of the region and must provide you with a quarterly certificate of effective attendance at these courses.
- You cannot occupy any job in Belgium for the duration of the au pair.

The occupancy permit

- The occupancy authorization is the work permit B which allows to occupy a foreign worker. -
Work permit B must be requested from the regional employment administration. It is valid for a period of one year.

Permission to stay

- Nationals of all non-E.E.E. countries (except the States of the European Union, Iceland, Monaco, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) who wish to stay for more than three months in Belgium are subject to the obligation to obtain a residence permit. They must ask expressly for a provisional residence permit. The request must be made with the Belgian diplomatic or consular posts of the applicant's country of origin. The au pair will have to register in the commune where he resides in Belgium.
- If you want to come to work as a au pair in Belgium, you must be in possession of a valid passport for at least one year, a medical certificate obtained from a doctor approved by the Belgian authorities of the diplomatic post and an authorization of occupation. This request will be made when the host family has obtained your work permit B.

Conditions for the host family

- The host family must put a single room at your disposal and provide you with free access to the accommodation.
It must be among its members at least one child who has not reached the age of 13 years at the beginning of the period of stay of the au pair.
- For children who have not reached the age of 6 years, the host family must provide proof that their daytime reception has been provided for a period corresponding to the maximum length of the stay of the au pair or for the period until the time that the Benjamin reaches the age of 6 years.
- The tasks of the Au pair may not exceed 4 H/day and 20 h/week. These tasks obviously cannot be the main purpose of the stay.
- It must produce a certificate of Good life and manners for all its major members at the beginning of the period of stay of the young au pair.
- It must pay a fixed sum of at least €450 as a pocket money to the Au pair on a monthly basis by bank transfer.
- It must give the au pair at least one full day of rest per week and any opportunity to participate in the exercise of his or her philosophical views or cults.
- It must take out additional insurance to cover the risks related to medical, pharmaceutical or hospital care in the event of illness or accident.
- It must undertake to conclude an insurance for the possible early repatriation of the young au pair due to sickness or accident, as well as to undertake to take charge of the costs which may arise for the state of the stay of the au pair or his repatriation
- The ONSS considers that the Au pair placement is not a job, it is not in fact part of the labour legislation. If the conditions of the contract are fully respected, the family will not have to pay ONSS dues.
- The host family must declare its agreement to authorize access to the accommodation to the staff responsible for the control of the au pair stay.

Steps to be done by the host family

Before the arrival of the au pair, the family must:

- Register it in a school recognized, approved or subsidized by the French Community
- Having the au pair sign an au pair investment contract (Brussels Regional Public Service commitment contract-explanatory statement of the Walloon Public Service Operational Directorate-General for Economy, Employment and research)
- Be sent a photo of the au pair's identity, a copy of his passport, a medical certificate attesting to the state of health of the Au pair (issued by a doctor designated by the agents of the Belgian diplomatic post abroad)
- Obtaining a licence to occupy or permit B (attach to the dossier a medical certificate of the young person, a copy of the passport, an au pair placement contract, etc. ..)
Remove licence b from the competent authority and send it to the au pair
Occupancy authorization and Permit B

- The host family must apply for an authorization of occupation or work permit B (Request for authorisation from the Ministry of the Brussels Capital Region-Request for authorisation from the Ministry of the Walloon Region) for the young E.E.E. to the regional public service of the region in which it resides, employment policy Branch. It must provide them with a series of documents which are the list for the Brussels-Capital Region.

The grant of the work permit is subject to the following conditions

- The host family may not have a valid occupancy permit relating to another au pair.
- The period of validity of the occupancy authorisation and of the work permit relating to the au pair may not exceed 1 year.
- The occupancy authorisation and the work permit relating to the au pair can only be renewed once and in so far as the placement does not exceed a total of one year.
- A change of host family is possible only once and in so far as the duration of the placement of the au pair does not exceed a total duration of 1 year and provided that the conditions of grant are fulfilled.

After the arrival in Belgium

- Within 8 days of arrival, the au pair must register as a resident in the community of the host family. He will then receive a wax (certificate of registration in the Register of Foreigners) or an e-card, lasting one year.
- The host family and the au pair shall transmit to the regional Employment administration a document indicating its date of entry into Belgium, a copy of the authorisation to stay, the attestation of mutual.
- Every 3 months, during the au pair stay, the host family will have to provide the regional employment administration with proof of the payment of €450 to the Au pair, a certificate of attendance during the course.

I m 26 i cant be a part of au pair :'(
Thx d'or thé advice it would be great if i could

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