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Hi my name is Sanya and i just registered to today. I am currently living and working in Australia where i have lived the majority of my life since i left Split at age six. I am finally planning on moving back to my hometown next year in April and would really appreciate some guidance with work/job opportunities. I am looking into ESL teaching (English) and was hoping i could get some advice on what or if any formal qualifications are required? I have done some research online and every website states different things. Does anyone have any idea or know anyone that may be able to help me?

Much appreciated

Hi Sanya,

I highly recommend joining the Expats Meet Split or Expats in Split groups on FB and ask your questions--people are typically quick to answer and there are quite a few locals in these two groups. I have no doubt Split has changed a lot since the time you left. ;-)

Yeah, rules seem to be malleable here!

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