employment at the age of 60

hi all,
currently i am 59 age. next  month i will be 60. an employer is ready to offer me a job in oman. my doubt is whether my age will be a problem or not? Can anyone answer my doubt pls

Hi tyed123,

In this time and age when getting a job in Oman for the expatriate youngsters is a huge hassle, you have been lucky enough to be offered a job (at a not-so-young age). Consider yourself to be very lucky and blessed.

Your age should not be a concern for you. If it is a concern for anyone, then it should be for your future employer - in which case they would not have made you an offer in the first place. So thank your stars, smile, and grab the opportunity presented to you with open arms.

In Oman, the authorities are very particular, at least since of late, that they will not extend the employment contract for those who have touched 65 years of age. As well as for those who have spent decades working in the Sultanate. This is only to make way for the numerous new Omani entrants who need to be gainfully employed.

So, make the most of your opportunity !

Hi Mr. Sumitran,
Thanks for the immediate response.

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