Dependent Pass of Infant Rejected

Hi All,

Me and my wife working in Singapore with a salary lower than MOM required amount of salary.
My son's DP application was rejected and my company willing to appeal but we don't know the process. Can anyone give me  a hint?
Anyone have sample letter of appeal that my company need to send.
Thanks in advance.


Just to share too, my friend have same situation and when their company appeal for DP, they got the approval. The problem is we don't know how they do and how his company wrote the appeal letter.

If your salary is below the threshold for getting DP (currently S$5000/month), you cannot get a DP for your son. No appeal or similar can help there, only a pay rise.

I am also facing the same problem. So have you done appeal and you got the dependent for baby

May I ask the condition of your son's dependent pass appeal application ? Already approved ?

Hi, any update on your issue?


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