is 10000USD per yer sufficient for school?

I am offered an expat role in KL. Apart from regular salary (which is around USD 10K per month gross) I am offered an additional USD 10000 per year for schooling. I have a 4 year old son and we will be looking to join him in an international school. Would this be sufficient? Could you suggest a decent international school (or pre school). 
We plan to move in September- October this year. Can we get an admission at that time of the year? could you also suggest the best way to approach the school?

Our office located in KLCC. we will also need 2+ bed room condo/town home in a decent, safe, gated community. If the school and home come fall in the same area it would be wonderful. 

Thanks a lot for suggestions

First, take a look at this website as it shows the sort of fees you will be paying. They rise with the age of the child. There are other fees such as signing up once only fee. There are other returnable fees.  In the search box choose "International" as the type of school and check out the States of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Because of the sometimes high one-off joining fees, I would advise using some of the allowance to pay for this. The allowance will be taxed as well as your salary. Once you have decided which fees level you want to pay then you will have a shortlist of schools and areas where you might want to live. If you then want to live in a neighbourhood where you can guarantee there will be other Indians, take a look at schools such as Vikas, GIIS, etc.

Check out previous postings by doing a search on school names, as there was recently a similar enquiry. An area to look at is Seputeh for convenience. But again it will depend which school appeals to you.

Thanks a lot for this Gravitas. I looked through the schools list and guess we will go either for Vikas or GIIS...since he still very young we can still take chances. one of the school mentioned that the academic year is between April to March. Can we approach them in September for admission?
Are there any good recommendations for Houses in Seputeh Area?

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The schools here have various terms because they can be a hybrid of the local and UK system. You would be able to enroll at a convenient time. But do contact to check they don't have a waiting list.

You would probably find living in a condo the best option as they are small communities so easy to get to know people and of course facilities such as gym or pool.  Can I suggest you maybe look up Member VPrav as he has just done a house search in the same area and moving soon.

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