How to get road repaired?

So, is there a process whereby we can complain somewhere about the state of the road outside our building and anything will be done about it?

It's really bad as it's a main road everyone uses to get from one side of Janabiya to another. Over a year ago they just put down a really thin layer of asphalt over dirt which didn't really last. Then when we had all the rain last winter, it fell to pieces really quickly.

Do I go to the Northern Governorate office or is there a number to call?

Will it make any difference?

Should I just hire some contractors and do it myself?


Found this online … fault.aspx


Excellent! Thanks. Report submitted. Let's see if anything happens.

Ministry of Works is the right authority to report such matters.
Good luck suburbansam  :top:

Got an email yesterday saying

Our working team is taking care of your complaint

We shall see...

Hurray! you've got a reply  :D

I actually already had one. Minutes after I entered it into the system, I got a text from "Noriko Yasuda" saying that my complaint had been registered. I replied in Japanese saying thank you. The text could not be delivered.

Not sure why the MOW is using a Japanese woman's name to send people texts  :lol:


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