Interview and DNA

Hello good people,

My Norwigian husband  and I were Interviewed about 5 months ago in our respective countries.
DNA test request by UDI considering I intend to relocate with my children was done in  my home country, and submitted a month ago.
We are on our 8 months  of waiting ever since we submitted our application to the embassy and get monthly updates from UDI.

Any hopes of final feedback soon for those who have expirienced this,or the current 15 months waiting  period still applies?

Good luck to all of us waiting🙏

From my experience I've called thr UDI 3 times after the interview and each time they seem to try to get me to go to their website, and they said I'd have to wait 15 months even the interview already conducted after t months of handing the application to the embassy. But our case slightly different as it does not involve children nor DNA tests.

Thank you for your response Stevenson,we share our experiences  as time goes by.

Good luck once more🙏

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