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Good Morning,
A year ago I got married to a Moroccan man in Morocco I am from the US I now know that is was not a genuine marriage and he was only in it for the Visa if I never registered the marriage in my state of residence is it valid ? Also if I wanted to get married again would I have to go through the divorce process we have no children or assets I haven't spoke to him since shortly after the marriage so we have no contact. Please help me :(

Hi amina...firstly I feel for you so much, I can relate to your feelings. I want to say that I do believe if your marriage was done properly in the right legal procedure in Morocco, then I'm sure this means it will be recognised in your own home country. Even if you did not register it. Hopefully someone else can verify this to give you your answer for sure. I wish you all the best for a happy future.

I get so angry when I hear stories of Moroccan men doing this to genuine honest women who just fall in love ! Makes my blood boil. They should be dragged over the coals for their immoral behaviour.  :mad:

Amina can I ask you a question, ? Hope you don't mind ..if you don't want to answer ..I totally understand for privacy etc. I'm curious as to how you discovered he was not genuine ..did u spend much time together etc..I'm not being nosy...just I ask for personal reason. Also this would possibly help others if you do tell a little bit of your story so as to warn other poor ladies of the same fate ...many thanx in advance if you do offer some information.

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That's absolutely disgraceful behaviour on his behalf, and is clear what his intentions were..he's probably focusing already on his next victim ! I advise you to get this marriage annulled or if that's not possible get a divorce on the grounds of neglect on his behalf.. you have had a lucky escape and I know you do not need to hear anyone tell you anything you don't want to hear. We all make mistakes hun and we learn from them. I know you have learned much from this, get yourself the help you need and be rid of this piece of s..t ! And move on to better happier days ..look after you..always bring yourself first as from now. The right person is out there who will treat you with the respect you deserve. I'm so angry for you, he needs to be held responsible ! Take care and good luck

By the way in Moroccan society, men are responsible for their wife. Financially and in taking care of her every need its his responsibility. So if he does not, he is behaving in a very immoral way and should be ashamed of himself and all should be ashamed of him too ! you should be given an annulment or a divorce no problem. He knew exactly what he was doing and took advantage of you.. :mad:


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