Applying for Residence Permit as Freelancer with intermittent income

Anyone applied for the Residence Permit as a Non-EU citizen and gets their income from online/outside Hungary?

Whats your experience with the process and is there very little chance someone in these circumstances will be successful in their application? I'd love to hear peoples experience with the Residence Permit application in general.

I'm a software developer from Australia looking to relocate to Hungary (or the Czech Republic) under the Residence Permit. My income is intermittent and comes from international clients so I wont be locally employed in Hungary. I have lots of savings to get by for more than a year.

I know more about the Czech application process than the Hungarian. I'll list here the Czech process which is quite tedious, is the Hungarian process similar? Some of the requirements for residency include; show income of atleast $1400USD paid into your bank account monthly, evidence of a house/apartment you are renting in the country, a letter from the landlord, health insurance cover, pay health 'tax' every month, pay standard taxes every month, get a form from Australia that shows no criminal record, must have interview done in an embassy outside of CZ.

In general, I'm canvasing what is involved in the Hungarian process for a non-EU citizen that will not be locally employed.

I think you will find the residency requirements and paperwork similar in Hungary.

I did not have to get interviewed, but I had to show all the above listed documents.

Most odd of all, and even though my (Hungarian) wife and I bought a house together in Hungary a year after we were married, and years before we moved here, she still had to sign a document she was allowing me to live in her house.

Choice between .cz and .hu? I bet you're being lured by the 10% tax.  :cool:

For our residency, we had to return to our country that issued our passport and apply there. That was back in 2002. Check to see if it has changed. In 2001, we could have gone to the Hungarian embassy in Vienna, but January 2002, the law changed.

It changes continually, so check.


Establish your own company, you can work with the Hungarian tax number throughout the EU. In this case, the conditions for staying here are much simpler. Foundation is not complicated. We can give advice.


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