To find a hospitality job in Sweden.

Hi dear,  it's me afrad originally from Bangladesh but living in Italy with permanent resident permit. Wish to move in Sweden for a better life.  I have working experience on hotel, restaurant as a waiter, barman and kitchen.  Wanna know if it's possible to find a good job in Sweden?  How much can be my salary there?  Is it a wise decision to move in Sweden? Accommodation cost how much can be?  I have my family with me.  Expecting a breef information from an good, well known expat.  Thanks by - afrad.

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Firstly do you speak Sweedish?

Secondly, do you have qualifications in the hospitality industry?

Expert Team

No dear, I don't speak Swedish. But English yes.  And I don't mind for possition can be any job in hospitality industry.  I have diploma on hotel management.  Thanks.

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