MBA Candidate, thinking about working in Chile Post Graduation

Hello Expat.Com community,

I am a current MBA candidate with a focus in international accounting/finance.

I am hoping to be able to land a job with a large consulting or accounting firm and then have the opportunity to work abroad. I am drawn to Chile for a few different reasons, one being we are currently studying the Chilean business environment in class. Their open economy with bilateral trade agreements and a focus on attracting foreign direct investment seems like a great opportunity to learn how dynamic economies can be created.

Anyways, for individuals who have worked in Chile, I was hoping you may be able to help me with some questions? Your time is very much appreciated!

1) When conducting negotiations in Chile, what tips would you give someone used to performing negotiations in a "deal-oriented" culture such as the U.S?

2) How does the banking system operate in Chile? What is the process to open a bank account like and to establish a credit score? How does the credit system differ in Chile compared to the US?

3) Can you share a personal story of an awkward experience you had adapting to the different culture? What did you learn from this experience and what tips would you give someone to avoid making this same mistake, if any?

Thank you again for your help and time community! I look forward to hearing about your time in Chile.

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