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Dear all,

My husband and I are looking for a quiet, lovely home for our family in the Northern Governorate area.
Yesterday, though, I was looking in and I saw a nice villa. But, in a corner of one image, I saw a black flag on top of a building or house  :(
Could you please advise us on the most suitable places to live, outside of Shiite/Shia areas?
Thanks in advance.

Hi there
Speak to agents one on one.  Tell them you only want "green zones" (safe areas)...
I am soon leaving Bahrain I know a few reliable agents.
PM me - I will give you some contact #s

Cheers - Mandy

Dear Mandy,
Thanks a lot for your feedback - I will send you a PM right away.
Wishing you a lovely saturday :)

I'm a Bahraini and can help you finding your desired accomdation at best price.

Just let me know your exact needs and you can WhatsApp me on

Thank you very much!

If you restrict yourself to only the so called "green zones" (safe areas), you will be limiting yourself to a very small area of the Northern Governorate, see this map:

Bahrain Off Limits Areas

We have lived in Abu Saiba for the best part of 4 years, in a standalone villa, not in a compound and have never had a problem, despite Abu Saiba being a “no go” area. We also have friends who have lived in Janussan for about 10 years and others in Barbar for several years and they have never had a problem either and yes, we are all western expats.

There is a lot of bad press about the safety situation in Bahrain. Sure there are ongoing issues between the government and the majority shia population, however this rarely, if ever, involves innocent bystanders and it only takes a modicum of common sense to avoid getting yourself caught up in any of the demonstrations, even when you live close by.

My wife and I have lived and worked ion  most of the Gulf states and I can assure you that we both feel perfectly safe living where we do in Bahrain, so do not be put off by the scare mongerers.

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