I'm an artist, and looking to meet others.
Is there a place an expat can sell what we make, that can help me? Or am I out on my own when it comes to doing this?
I've looked thru all the forms and haven't seen anything about art or artists

The best place to meet other people or sell your own goods is at the local ferias.


I agree with The Wizz that the local ferias would be a good place to start as far as selling your artwork.  Ferias are the open air markets that are usually held weekly in most towns. 

The other option might be to seek out shops in the touristy areas during the tourist season.  This would also be a good place to find and meet other artists.

- Expat Dave

Thank guys
I didn't think about the open fairs. Or the tourists, but I guess it's up to the buyer to get the work back home. Or pay to ship
Thanks again

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