New in Kuwait

Hi everyone,

I'm just moved to Kuwait from India, one month back for  job. Its been a month and speically its ramadan season its very boring here, i'm looking for groups or individuals to socialise or roam around, see the town together n spent sometime on our off's. If any Delhi walas are their com'on guys lets catch up n party like delhi we used to do. Cheers!

I'll second Ramadan being a tough time to socialize, but it might help others if you listed your location. 

I'm down in Mangaf and I see Indians playing cricket down on the beach all the time. I have no idea if that's something your interested in, but I've been meaning to go down and watch them play and see if I couldn't figure out the rules.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen them since the start of Ramadan.  Maybe they're on hold for the month...

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