Q's from a Business Student who will be studying abroad in Peru

Hi Everyone!

I'm a student studying business in the United States and I'm taking a cross cultural management class this summer.  I will be visiting Peru in a week as part of the class.  I am writing a report that includes questions and answers from expatriates who have been or are living in Peru.  I have 5 questions and anyone who has a view on any or all of them I welcome your feedback as it would be very helpful for my report. 

1.  What types of places do Peruvians like to conduct business meetings at?
2.  What is the best way to make a good impression when meeting potential business clients for the 1st time in Peru?
3.  What is a typical timeline or sequence of events that are normal for a business meeting in Peru?
4.  What are some things I can do for my spouse and children to adjust to the culture if I work in Peru?
5.  What are the major differences between Peru business culture and US business culture?

Thank you!


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