Where to Stay?

Dear all,

im moving to PP end of JUN, 2017.  And we plan to send our kid to study at NORTHBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.  Any here can recommend me residential area/apartment/serviced apartment nearby?



There's a condominium run by northbridge called north park that's just next to the school

Actually, you can rent a apartment in Northbringe community there, or you can find the Orchit apartment nearly for rent. it cost below $1000.00 or you can ask my assistance to find for you. that would be my pleasure. the fact, frankly, is maybe the landlord give me some tea if you rent the apartment.

Keut Channa

To be Frank miss linh, 1000$ is quite alot lol for a place to stay in cambodia. There is alot of cheaper nicer place you can stay with your kids. Aim 500$ you can still find a decent 1br app 600$ 2br including swimming pool gym serviced apartment. But i guess if you can afford for 1000$ for that extra luxury furniture that will never be yours,  then sure ! I Just think its a bad investment to spend so much on a living space, when you can get as good for cheaper ... my own personal oppinion.

Good luck,

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