I have never Not Worked in my life and being in Porto, going to the beaches, seeing the sights, having endless cups of coffee at the corner restaurant is all very good but it kept me wondering about what was lacking. The following is an excerpt from an article I read today, which hit the nail on the head.......

"Retiring somewhere warm, sunny, and affordable sounds great. But today’s retirement generation, younger and healthier than any that has preceded it in history, is looking for more than nice weather and a low cost of living. Those things are as important as they’ve always been, but now they’re only a starting point. The real point is purpose. Purpose could take many forms. It’s limited only by imagination".

I am asking all like-minded individuals to respond. Perhaps, as a group we can make a difference. Maybe, form a Services organization. There are many services that Expats are looking for. We could provide those services as an organization. If you want to be a part of it, then let's talk. If not, then I'll go it alone.

Totally agree with and support your point EnEm (and have often made similar comments myself)!
Go ahead with those ideas, and drop us a line if/when something begins to take shape.

Best wishes,


Thank you for responding Angela. I waited for responses and when I didn't receive any, I decided to go it alone. I have already begun.

Thanks again.............

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