Declaration of Value of degree. Help, non-eu with a UK degree

I've been asked to get my declaration of value of my masters degree (which i did in the uk). I'm bangladeshi so currently I'm in Bangladesh. I know the procedure but I dont know certain things like,

-Can I submit my declaration After I go to Italy? I would like to save my time by going to italy first and then travel to UK to get it.

-any non-eu student faced this trouble, specially if your degree is from another country? how did you manage the trouble of travelling to UK first and then return to your country and then applying for italy?

-or if you did it through post, can you tell me the specifics? like how many days it took and the costs and apostille costs and everything? even the legal translation?

I'd really appreciate it.

You'll need to have it to do pre-registration and the actual registration when you are in ITALY, from what I understand you'll need to have it (DOV) before December of course depending on the school. The deadline for pre-registration was 15th this month so you might be late for that but to answer your question in short. You needed to get the DOV from the UK then bring it to ITALY, but perhaps there is something you can do at this point.. you ought to ask the University regarding the matter.

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