Medical fittness with syphilis

Greetings. Something is getting me uncomfortable about my medicals. I did my medicals in South Africa and they all came negative now I have discovered that syphilis I treated long ago has re appeared VDRL 1.1 TPHA positive.  Public health center can not treat me except after my appointment which is on August.  Private medical center recommended penicillin which only be found in Government hospital. 
Now I'm waiting to do my medicals.  Is this condition going to affect my visa?  Is thére somewhere I can get help while I'm waiting.

Your advise and help please . Thanks in advance


You need to ask your potential employer about the things which should be negative in a medical report when submitting it to concerned. If something has been tested positive unfortunately they will reject the application.


Sorry to hear this news.
I am afraid this might be an issue, since Bahrain is quite strict on the medical fitness of those who come here to work. They are also quite strict on VDs. Its best you get yourself treated and repeat the test before applying.

Best wishes for a full recovery.

Do you know if you are considered as unfit for visa if you have a shyphilis scare (an old shyphilis which have been treated but still have positive TpHA and vdrl with very low scores).

Hello can you tell me If you got an answer regarding this issue?

If results are positive, then unlikely that work permit will be processed.

If you have been treated and have recovered you could try getting a medical certificate to this effect. This may help.

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