Going to Bahrain via Causeway having KSA and bahrain visit visa

I am Iqama holder in KSA and my parents are here with me on visit visa in KSA.
My elder brother lives in Bahrain and already got one month Bahrain visit visa for my parents. Can my parents travel through Khobar-Bahrain Cause way.
I checked with Bahrain authorities online through their web portal and they confirmed that they can enter Bahrain through any port. However somebody told me that KSA authorities won't allow people to exit KSA from causeway on visit visa. Is this correct?
Since my parents have already valid visit visa to travel to Bahrain should they be able to go by road through causeway instead of airline travel.
Waqas Khalid

For an iqama holder, you'll be needing exit/reentry visa to Said Arabia so you can exit from the kingdom and return back again.

However, as for your parents who has visit visa and wants to travel to Bahrain, I think it is  similar case even they already have secured the visa to enter Bahrain. They will need visa exiting and entering the kingdom. It is advisable to consult your HR department on the steps you have to follow. For sure, they all have the information you need.

Good luck!

Salam did u try n sidi ur parents visited??? Plzzzz reolt sooon i m waiting

Yes i did with ease. No problem at all. Only on bahrain side my parents have to go in the office to get stamps on passport. So better to keep your car left side to make it easier to go to office by walk.

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