Giving birth in Brazil

So hey everyone I was just wondering about some details regarding having a baby in Brazil.. I want to know the overall cost, NATURAL birth and where that would be possible I want the details on hospitals and doctors who deliver naturally, daily living costs, rental options to lower cost.
I want to know the steps for the procedure itself(getting the passport for the child after birth)
I want to know is it legally accepted, like do the authorities accept having people come and give birth for the soul purpose of getting citizenship and also Exactly how much time me and my husband would have to stay there since we live in Qatar and work in Qatar as well, but are hoping to get the permanent residency before we go back and finally what type of visa we should apply for and would it be a problem if we plan on traveling when I'm at the final months of the pregnancy?

Thank you in advance.

Dear Janedoe

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I have read your post and based on your questions please find some of the replies listed below:

1.  Natural birth is acceptable all over Brazil, no one will force you to go for a C-section unless it is an absolute emergency and the doctors are left with no other option.

2.  Doctors and hospitals differ from city to city hence it would be easier to reply if you are able to be a bit more clear about what part of the country you might be planning on staying in.

3.  Rental prices and all vary as well based on city to city and state to state hence those things will be a bit more clearer if you can pencil down or select a few cities that might interest you.

Also I am sure if you go through some of the past posts you will find the responses left by a few people based on the cities they are living in. 

Furthermore am sure one of the other members will also reply to your post and will mention there experience or cost of living based on there city.

4.  For the step by step procedure to apply and receive Permanent residency please reference to the original post written by our departed Friend Mr. James Woodward, he has Made the perfect guide for all expats.

5.  Based on my personal experience overall the authorities accept having people deliver there babies and the babies receiving the Brazilian citizenship.  However all of that is after you enter Brazil.  The main area of difficulty might just be getting the visa.  It used to be a very easy process before however now the embassies have started getting a bit more strict.  Hence if you have already obtained the visa then you have already won about 40 percent of the battle :)

6.  To receive the permanent residency cards after the birth of the baby it will take you a minimum of 45 days.  However please note that as parents of a Brazilian child you are granted permanent status immediately, upon submission of your application after giving birth, however at that time the authority issues you a paper called a Protocolo which allows you to exit and enter from Brazil however you are unable to stay outside of the country for more than 60 days.  Lastly incentive you receive your Permanent Residence cards then you can stay outside of the country for a period of 2 years at a time.

7. As far as the type of visa that you would need to apply for, the only options which I can think of is Tourist and afterwards the decision to grant the visa will be based on the Brazilian embassy.

8.  Once you have the visa please check on the rules based on various airlines as they dictate how safe it will be for a pregnant woman to fly and they dictate the number of weeks acceptable as per there policy.

Hope the above info helps




Thanks Stanza for your useful contribution.

I have one question ,

How long it will take the parents to get the Brazilian citizenship after getting the Permanent residence?

Some they said its not as people think 1 year,, but, its a long journey and not guaranteed and require from you to be able to speak Portuguese language    ?


Hi Boss444

Please note that as per law the parents of a Brazilian child can start the process of naturalization upon completing 1 year of Residency in brazil on Permanent Residence status.

The process afterwards can take anywhere between 6 months to even a year.

As far as Portuguese language skills are concerned, the test which the Policia Federal administers consists of being able to Read and Write basic Portuguese which means your communication skills should be a bit above basic.

Hope this helps


Hey guys iam 7 months pregnant i found a lot of information from reading your answers. I just have one more question. How long would it take me to issue a passport for my child? I have only one month as maternity leave. Can any one help me pls
Yhank you

I think you will get everything from the Hospital and then you register it at the Cartório.If you contact the Cartório they may be able to give you a time estimate.


Hi orejoice

I have replied back to your question in the other thread!  Hope that helps



i would like to ask about good PR office can give full services of all documents i will need during my wife get birth in Brazil, please give me the names and full details as possible

also i want to ask for your recommended private hospitals
and i need to know which city is the best in regards, safety, clean, good governmental services.

do you know good clean safe apartments for rent near the hospitals

if there is any details you cans share it with me i will appreciate it

Hi samtaj

Which city are you based in? 

All in all I believe that you can go through the various experiences on the forum and gain most of the answers that you are looking for with ease

If there is anything in particular then please do let us know and we will all try to help out as much as possible

i'm not live in Brazil and i never visit it before so i need any advice to plan my wife delivery

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