Where to buy a pet rabbit?

Hi everybody

I'm travelling from Amsterdam to England where I am from,

Years ago my aunt had a rabbit which she got in Amsterdam, and the rabbit has since passed away.

Before I return to England I want to buy a rabbit from Amsterdam to give to her as a surprise gift

Where can I get a rabbit from?!

I would rather buy and not adopt as I'm travelling soon and adopting can be a lengthy process

I'm also wary that I have to get some health certificates to make sure the rabbit doesn't end up in quarantine when I get back to England, any vet suggestions or is anybody familiar with the process or rules?

Thank you!

Hey snadair

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Why don't you buy the rabbit in the UK? It will be cheaper in the long run.

Expert Team

I would agree. Buy (or preferably adopt) a rabbit in the UK, there are enough.

Hi, I guess you have traveled already but in case you still need the info or anyone else might find it useful...

I'm not an expert but I have cats and traveling within the EU there will be no quarantine issues (it's like traveling inside one country) but you may need to get a pet passport from a vet. It's not a particularly official document, it's just like the book you normally have for an animal which shows vaccinations etc.

I'm not sure if it's legislation but because there are so many rabbits in shelters I know there is a condition that when buying a rabbit you have to adopt one too so watch out for that.

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