How to rid yourself of boredom

I am new here in Kuwait, and need to socialize to get rid of boredom... any advice ??

For me, I just go out for a walk to explore.  Not so much anymore since it's gotten so hot but it was nice to explore the area and just see what's out there.  The Friday market and Souk Al-Mubarakiya are always nice for a weekend day trip.  I've found that just walking around you meet tons of cool people.

Down at the beach near the marina mall I see people playing beach vollyball all the time, it might be worth it to see if you can jump in as a +1?  I sat on the pier near the japanese restaurant and met a guy taking a 360 picture for google maps … 2688?hl=en

Cool guy to talk to.  He was from India, worked IT and did stuff like this for a hobby.  If you were interested in photography maybe it's something to do?

Lately though (read:  since Ramadan started), it's just been a lot of tinkering with the car, netflix, and online games.  Maybe when the heat dies down a bit I'll get back out and about ;)

I go to coffee shops, well just starbucks. (That sounds a little boring but hey! At least you can see a lot of people and you won't be at home alone.) If you are lucky, you can meet friends as well!

I think the biggest question is "What would you do back home if you were bored?"

I know it's not always that easy because sometimes we're here by ourselves while we wait for family visas or our household goods to be shipped, but I think every expat here has been in that position once and is willing to help us newcomers.

Since the original posting I've found football (soccer to us americans) and cricket games all over town.  Lots of fun to watch (it seems like any empty lot is a potential cricket field just before sunrise and just after sunset).  Especially Fahaheel beach.

Walking and biking paths near the science center (all the way up to the marina mall), and another across the street from the AUS (american united school?).

There's archery at the Maydeen Shooting Range behind Sahara Resorts,  I see lots of people fishing off the coast,  A friend of mine bought nitro RC cars from a hobby shop and we take those to empty parking lots on the weekends, and so on.

So yeah, lots to do.  Just a little more difficult to find than we're used to.

Honest question and one of the biggest obstacles for single expats staying in Kuwait for more than a year or two. I've lived in many countries before, but Kuwait challenges my self-reliance more than any other because there is little external stimuli.

I read a lot -- downloading e-books from my library back home. Skype calls to friends and family help to stay connected back home, but can cause homesickness too. Being a work-a-holic will earn praise, as will taking more time to keep in shape -- both physically and mentally. In sum, make reducing boredom and increasing happiness a goal, and work to meet it as you would any other goal in life. Good luck!

Am here since 5 months I don’t know any external world ..... feeling lot of homesick went to India 2 times within these 5 months !!!!! Again want to leave this place I don’t have any company feeling always lonely 😢 what should I do
Even though am an Anesthesiologist am a human too

There was the red bull car park drift at the Sirbb circuit this last friday that was free, I'm willing to bet there was a good showing of cars at the kuwait towers to peruse on Saturday after 2pm (also free).  There are expats playing volley ball and riding bikes every night on the weekends at the marina crescent.  Go to the friday market and buy a fishing pole and fish anywhere on the coast,  go to your nearest beach and pick up seashells and make an art project out of them (or even better, pick up litter and clean the place up!) go to an empty lot and learn to play Cricket or football with the other expats or just go outside and do anything but what you are doing right now!

Kuwait is not going to invite you outside and shower you with activities, you are going to have to put an effort into this stinking place.  What do your co-workers do for fun?   Where are the parks nearest you?  When I was stuck in a hotel for 3 months I used to just pick a direction (usually north or south along the coast) and just walk.  And I wouldnt stop walking until I found something.  One time I found horses.  One time I stumbled across the science center.  One time I met someone walking six dogs.  One time I just ended up wandering aimlessly through Salmiya for four hours but even that beat staying indoors all day doing nothing.  Every time I went out I looked for interesting things to take pictures of (graffiti,  an Aston Martin in the middle of a dirt lot that hadn't been moved in years,  stray animals, anything that wouldnt be normal back home) and I would share them with my facebook friends.

The first step is to get off the computer and to get outside.

The second step is to stay outside until you absolutely have to go back inside.

Then things start happening.

I'm serious.  Grab your shoes and go outside.  Right now.  Dont make excuses.    Bring water.  Refill it at the water stations.  Be open to new things.  Get creative.

Hello all,

I haven't yet reach Kuwait but my plan is to keep busy.

I'm going to basically check out clubs or groups of people who enjoy fitness related activities. If I can I'll join a cycling club or figure out my own routes (once  I get a bike :) Diving clubs, a gym with exercise classes, although I would rather be outdoors, walking clubs, anything really. I think if you want to keep busy and maybe make a few friends you just have to go looking for it.

By the way, any suggestions? Is there a cycling club in Kuwait???

Hope so :)

I think there is, but cycling routes are rather limited and keep in mind that outdoor activities are close to impossible during hot season. It might be fun to do some desert cycling, but never gotten around to actually do it. I try to keep myself busy with running, but it is becoming a challenge as the weather gets hotter.

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