Pass type of MOM online checking system

Dear All,

I have one question.

My company told me that they will apply S pass for me, but why the PASS TYPE on the MOM online checking system shows Employment PASS?

My question is, What the type of pass they apply for me?


Do you mean that you did a self SAT assessment online, after inputting all the necessary details of yours, the end result shows that you are eligible for an EP? If yes, then you should inform to your employer that based on SAT I should apply an EP not a S pass.

Hi surya2k,

Thanks for your reply.

Based on SAT assessment, the result is shows eligible for S pass only.

My employer promised that they will apply S pass for me. But why MOM online checking system is shows 

Date of Application    :
Status    : Pending

Is they apply E pass for me?

Don't worry, that's an indication only. Actual pass could be S pass applied by your employer. Good luck

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