Looking for a job in Shenzhen

Hello, I am Marianna from Italy but willing to relocate in Shenzhen.

I have been working as a Sales Consultant for an important banking company here in Italy for more than 3 years so I'm willing to find a job in the same field or maybe in the import-export area.

I graduated from the San Raffaele University in Milan, with a Master's Degree in Psychology with honors.
I am very fond of the Chinese culture and I often take part in activities related to Chinese culture. I have been studying Chinese Language and Culture and Business Chinese since 2014.

My main focuses are related to the Import-Export and Marketing Fields as I have attended during my post-academic years several specializing courses.

I can speak Italian, English and Mandarin Chinese.

I think that I am a very active and goal focused person. I feel at ease and stimulated by a competitive environment, where I can challenge and improve my skills. I'm good at communicating and establishing friendly and cooperative relationships. I have excellent interpersonal skills and excel in dealing with clients.

I have a broader knowledge on the psychological behavior. I am highly adaptable to change and I have a strong learning ability and capacity of flexibility.  I’m always willing to learn new things and to acquire new knowledge.

I’m willing to move to China to look for a new professional opportunity that allows me to learn a challenging reality.

Thank you so much for your attention!



Dear Marianna,

You are welcome to China.
Your friends and colleagues in China will appreciate your Chinese name Manyue, means full moon?

If you want to continue to work in banking sector, try hongkong or shanghai with foreign banks..but if you want have your own business in the future, then i would suggest you to start in export/import business. Getting to know the basics of that is quite easy and you will soon find friends who will help you.

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