International schools open for a talk about Africa


My name is Aleksandra, I'm polish photographer who lived 8 months in central Africa, exactly Uganda. As a person who saw Africa from different side than normally media shows us, I would like to make some type of conferences, little talks with children from 13-18 years old about how Africa looks like, share my experience, explain differences between our 2 worlds and talk about values that sometimes we forget in our modern world. As a part of the talk, I would like to make questions-answer part, where children can ask me questions about Africa, poverty or the "truth" that media sells us. With this conference I would like to share with them the importance of sharing, appreciating what they have, and change the stereotypes about Africa. I would like also to show the beauty of Africa because many of us think that Africa is only war povery and hunger. And it's not true.
I was wondering if you know to which school I could go to propose the idea? I don't know international schools in Barcelona and I think that maybe they are more open than some catalan ones.
You can also give me your opinion, what do you think about it as a parent.

Thanks for any help!


Hi, welcome to the forum and WOW!

What a fantastic project; I really hope it works out well for you.

Thank you

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