I should have just gone to Mexico

Dear Diary,

I should have just gone to Mexico. I'm having the worst time/luck/uggghhhiness. I left Tunis on Qatar, bc it said they were the second-best airline. Then they wouldn't let me bring my tiny (3 1/2 lbs.), enclosed in a carrier, dog. The reasoning: they are a high-end airline. Some people might not like a dog on the plane. And by the way, both (Qatar) planes -  my rows were empty except for me; the same with the rows in front of and behind me. If I had bought a first class or business class ticket, round-trip, THEN it would've been okay. My husband was free to come back to the airport the next day, and send her on TWO flights, in cargo....for an additional $400 - plus oxygen (yes, you have to pay for the oxygen).

Cambodia, I don't know, I'm tired, I'm depressed. But I did just get robbed, and I'm so close to broke - but I can't find an apartment - that absolutely must be dirt cheap, bc otherwise, my husband will not be happy. Did I mention I got robbed - I know, I know! It was only $34, and an expired Wisconsin ID card. But it's the principle of the thing - God, I wish I had thought to throw my shampoo bottle at them. I hope they choke on whatever it is they buy with it.

Depressed, depressed, depressed. All right. Rant over. Thanks for listening.

A typical case of not being prepared and then blaming the world for the bad experience.

One click at Qatar Airways would have shown that, as many or maybe all carriers do not allow pets in the cabin. That is not to annoy you, it is a policy and most people know that.

Your dog was not booked to fly on the same flight so you had to send it as cargo, which cost more money than when you had booked the dog to fly as accompanied pet.
The $400 you had to pay for two flights plus handling (you want your dog to have water to drink in between the flights right?) is not overpriced. You do not pay for oxygen, but for pressurizing the cargo area where pets travel (they would not survive the low pressure that cargo areas have).

So now you're broke? Because of $900 travel costs and $34 robbery? If you are that low on money you should not have traveled at all but stayed home. You have no money but looking for an apartment, you should go look for a backpacker hostel and when it's still too much money, get out of PP, it's the most expensive part of Cambodia.

Robbery is bad, no doubt about that.

Anyway, you are much wiser now, that is the good part.

So good luck from now on, yes pp is the most expensive, I am from USA and am glad to be in Phnom Penh, I think you might find a different perspective on your pets , as animals typically are never allowed in the house, so renting I've heard sometimes can be difficult, but it will cost you extra, I imagine on the coast kampot, is definitely going to give you nicer housing offers, good luck to you , sorry hope it gets better

Hi, I hope someone can help me with this. My friend from the Phillipines is joining me on my fact finding holiday in Cambodia in October.  He is only allowed a 21 day visa. Does anyone know that if leaves Cambodia on day 20 and goes to Vietnam or Laos can he re enter Cambodia on another 21 day visa?


I'm not an expert on visa stuff, but my impression after living here 5 years is that Cambodia tends to be VERY easy about visas.  If your friend is from the Philippines it may be an ASEAN member so that may have an effect on his visa situation.  Since it's October we are talking about, you have plenty of time to figure it out.  I DON'T know, but my guess is that your friend will be able to extend his visa (at least once) while he is here.  The information you need is online though you might have to work on it a bit.  If you (or he) start working on it SOON after he gets here I find it hard to believe that Cambodia would want to stop him from living here............just DON'T wait until the end of his visit to apply for an extension of his visit. You do't have to go to Phnom Penh.  Local travel agents can apply for an extention.

Many thanks for the information.  Very helpful.

Hi Zerene,

I hope that things will look up for you soon. Do take care of yourself.

Cambodia is definitely a place you have to love or have a big enough reason to come and stay.

Mexico will still be there in the future if you decide to switch countries.

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