Investing in Saudi Stock Market

Hi All,

I am new to this website, I am Ahmed from Palestine and I am living in Al-Khobar.

I was wondering about investing in Saudi Stock Market, is it a good place to invest?

Please share your recommendations and experience.

Thank You

not good
If you do not have an experienced friend

I lost 50,000 and his experience was a tough lesson

I advise you
In installments
There are installment offices
And to make profits after years is not as fast but wait

As an example 200,000 after 5 years become 600,000

There is no fixed standard
As an example, I give you 5000 cash, you pay me every 500 months until the sum of 7000 is completed

Thank you Bondo for your comments. I have been told that Suadi stock market is a tough please. If you don't have informed tips, you will stragle. Could please tell me more about the installments how to enroll in them, and are they different that matual funds.

Appreciate if you could clarify more :)


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