Family visa to employment visa

Hi all,
I am in husband visa .now I think to do some business in  Oman instead of sitting at home without any job.can I change my family visa to employment visa under a new sponsor ?do we want to exit from Oman to issue new sponsorship?or internal visa change is possible?please give your valuable suggestions.thanx.

Hi Arifratn,

The ramifications of your query go far beyond what you seem to be expecting.

To answer your seemingly simple queries are more complex and complicated than can be expected. They would require responses at multiple different levels.

As a starting point, I would advise you to please read through the forum's numerous discussion threads around the same subject. This would help you get an idea of the basics of what to expect.

Once familiar with the process, post your follow-up queries, not answered before for the knowledgeable forum members to respond to.

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