Saudi Experience

Hello everyone,

I  am an international teacher coming from Panama.

I came to Riyadh in October, 2016, and so far it has been a very unique and interesting learning experience.

The first three months were critical and there were times when I certainly questioned my decision of coming here. Yet as the months went by and I started to make new friends and to experience the culture things started to get better.

Yes, things are very different in here and they can be challenging but be open - minded and getting to know the culture can make a big difference.

Agreed #MaricharoA,

Learning new culture is fantastic!
I am from Turkey and some of our culture is matching with Saudi People coz of the history!
Even so, I am feeling great when I learn new cultures!

I am very interested in learning new cultures, new foods and new people..
I think everyone must know at least 3 language before die!
So I started to learn Spanish by myself!

I hope you enjoy the life in Riyadh!

Greetings & Regards

hello guys... that's wonderful to hear from you. People here are friendly and open minded too.

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