Unfurnished house or appartment

It seems to be very hard to find anywhere that is unfurnished .  Is there a site for unfurnished accommodation in Bangkok. Does anyone know?
Thanks.  ;)

Unfurnished house and apartments are much more than furnished ones.

Most important is your preference in size, type, budget etc

Most apartment for rent will make profit from your electricity and water usage. Some may charge you for WiFi, security and maintenance too.

As for house, you pay for electricity and water by the bill sent to your house. WiFi is you to apply and pay direct to the company. Some house owner had paid for estate security charges by the year so you don't pay at all.

You have to pay garbage disposal every 6 months which is 120 baht for 6 months.

Rejoice.....I know all that. I have been living here 7 years.   :)
But as Im looking for a new place to live, everything is furnished. I have not come across one unfurnished house, appartment, condo or studio.  Not one.....
I did live in an appartment in Laproa where they actually did remove their furniture for me which was nice of them but that in itself is a rarity.

I started living here since 1997 and first place was fully furnished service apartmentand that was 6 months. Thereafter I lived in various types of housing in various places through out Bangkok and all were unfurnished.

I had lived in apartments, different types of town house, shop house or Turk Teow, different types of Baan Deow.

My years of moving houses and all are unfurnished as I have lots of stuff besides furniture.

I drive around to various housing estate to look for house to rent as I can speak fluent Thai.

I don't know which area you are looking for or how you look for your house or apartment.

There's web site in Thai as well as magazine with houses and apartments on advertisement in Thai.

As I don't know how you look for your place as most places advertised are unfurnished unless new apartments with high rental fees.

Hello there I know this can be frustrating..

I know of 1 site called baht& give that a try I will try find you some more sites,

I am looking to move to Thailand to find some work and live the life over there as soon as I can just wondered if may be you know of any 1 that has any employment vacancys available..

Kind Regards

When you are looking for anything in Thailand, be it house or car or products, look at Thai web sites for many Thais can't read and write English.

If they post anything to sell or lease, they will have it in thai. Those that you can read in English would be higher price and different standards.

As to getting a job here in Thailand, it's best you look for job in your own country so as to get posted here. All perks, salary are agreed before you posted here.

Today, Thailand is different from before even for visa. Many foreigners go for teaching jobs but there are so many waiting in line.

There are Europeans from Scandinavia, Central, South and East. There's whites from South Africa, Americans as well as Aussies and Kiwis. Can these people beat the Filipinos in terms of salary. So many are going for a small pie.

There are many jobs in the hospitality market but that needs experience and knowledge, be it management or f & b etc

Now, most expats in Thailand are retired or business or being sent over from their own country.

All the best to you for getting a job and live in Thailand.


I am not sure what you are looking for.

Unfinished house?  You mean houses without furniture?  I find a lot please specific,,


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Semi furnished would be more to the point. In the Nichada or surrounding area close to the International school of Bangkok. Three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a bit of a garden. Around 17.000 a month.  Clean neat and tidy. Not semi detached.

Thank you for the reply. I understand, this's fine. It's the different location.

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