Manufacturing Agent Bali

Hi, I'm looking to have some clothes made for my boys wear label in Bali or Jakarta. I keep coming back to a website "clothing manufacturing agent Bali". Has anyone used this company before? or have any tips?

There are loads of agents for everything here, some good and some less so.
They exploit the inability of the manufacturers to advertise so make money as a middleman.
You have to search them out and find out if they're as good as they look on their site or not.


Thanks. Any recommendations?

Sorry, not my field so I have no reasonable ideas for you.

Bali's product is not originally from Bali. Some of from Java. If you need boys wear you can contact manufacturing in Jakarta who have stock for export  and the price is quite reasoneable. if you interest please call me

Thank you

There's an English guy called Bob that I can connect you with if it's a reasonable sized opportunity

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