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I'm new to the Expat forum currently living in the U.K.. Looking to move to asia pretty soon for work and live there also whilst on holiday constantly, like that sort of life style...

However would like to get in contact with people and or employers aswell..

Hope this website can help with that and with information too..

Kind Regards....

Hi and welcome to the forum.
Anything specific you want to know at this point or just saying hello?


Thanks for the reply.. Nothing imparticular I need to know at the moment thanks s=for the input though..

Where abouts are you frommy friend?

I started life in Barnsley but the winters were a tad nippy and things were generally a lot rubbish so, when the chance turned up, I buggered of to Asia - never left, don't intend to.

Pack a lot of T shirts, a sense of adventure and an open mind.

Hi chatt, which part of asia are you planning to move to ? What kind of work do you specialize in? Maybe i can be of help, good luck !


Brilliant mate like the sound of that, well ironically I'm from Sheffield.... And I'm thinking of doing the same, however I would like to find a job and work whist living in Thailand.. to keep myself busy and obviously so I don't eat all my savings in the 1st year or so...

Do you have any ideas by any chance on the types of work that are available to expats or businesses that would be viable for some one like me..

Thanks in advance.

The big one is teaching English, even Sheffield English :D

Expats over there will tell you about the local laws and how much the employers and government care about them, ie - if you need the listed qualifications and so on or if everyone simply ignores the rules.

On line whatever had been tried by thousands and most fail, the same goes for exporting Thai clothes. The stuff is seriously cheap in the wholesalers but a million other people do it and competition is tight.

What are you good at/qualified for?

Yes I understand, I don't have degrees so teching is probably out of the question, but I do have NVQ level 2 in food prep and cooking in U.k which I could bring with me and may be try to get a job in a hotel?

Do you think that is an option?

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