Connecting Unilities Process

Seamless process.

Water & Light connections: Both require a deposit. Water $75.00 and Lights $150.00. Not sure if they were using average bill amounts from the pervious renters/owners. You will need to show your Driver License and social security card. I don't like to give my S.S# out but there's no way around it. Also will need your lease or deed/title.

The lines at the light company were long. But moved fast. Spent 45 minutes at the light company and 15 minutes at the water department. Try and use a local office instead of using the offices located in the mall. The mall offices are busier.

It takes about 1-3 days to have services connected.

It helps to have someone Bi-lingual. Water no English. Light company I got lucky and the lady spoke English. Thankfully, I had my husband with me  who speaks Spanish.

This was the exact same process I went through a few weeks ago, even down to the amount of time spent.  I was also told by the water company the deposit can be applied to the bill after the first 2 months if you call customer service.

I don't know if they still allow you to do it, (I would think so) but I was able to email all the info (Lease/DL/SSN/meter numbers) and they emailed me back with the deposit requirements and my new account number. After that I called both companies and took care of the deposits (the same as you stated) with my debit card.  I still have the confirmation emails, (checked to make sure I did it with both) it was one of the easiest things I had to do here.

Oh yeah, it's weird here, in that EVERYONE seems to want you to have your SS card, whenever you apply for ANYTHING here.

yes, I had to get a replacement SS card when getting a car licensed.

They are behind the times, the social security is being used everywhere and their protection of personal information is not the best.

ReyP; my thoughts exactly! Even at the VA, they aren't supposed to ask for SSN, but the VA service no., but many VA employees are stuck in the time loop too.

...I am curious that no one has asked; What are "Unilities"?

It was a typo. SORRY!

You can start service for water completely online, but the link is hidden to do so. It is under Altas de Servicio on their site.

There you can input all of your personal info and even attache lease/deed and scans of ID and social.

Just don't try to do this around major holidays. I went through the process during Semana Santa and did not have water for over a week.

Government is behind on this, but the logic behind the ssn card was due to the need for a secondary id. Most islanders only have their drivers license or id, so the need of a second id requiring the ssn came about.

For us in the mainland, it doesn't makes sense because most of us will have a passport and driving license.

Question: if the house is on the couples name do the utilities need to be on both of their name and do you have to bring id for both?
Not doing online, I dont like to enter my personal info on a form and web site that is not likely well protected, especially for something stupid like utilities.

When we set up water in Aguadilla, the lease was in both of our names, but we put the water ONLY in my wife's name because I lost my ID on the move down. It wasn't an issue for us. We also needed the landlord's ID to do the transfer from his name to ours, but he was able to email that in to them from Florida. Water and light were both relatively easy for us to set up.

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