Commercial Fishing region in Colombia


I was wondering if anyone could let me know if there is any commercial fishing activity in any region of Colombia including the type of fish widely caught and any other details.


I was wondering the same thing for recreational fishing via rod and reel. I've never seen a fish in any of the streams here in Rionegro. But I did see a trout farm near sabaneta...I know I'm misspelling that. Sorry.

Yikes..the trout farm is near Salento...and it's a super cool town too!

True Sport Fishing is tough at the higher altitudes unless of course you visit one of these trout/talapia farm ponds.
The real action is lower in the larger rivers and def out towards the Pacific.
I have a friend that flies out of EOH to Bahia Solano for what looks like some amazing fishing where the rivers empty out to the ocean.

Thanks ch33, yeah and I don't fish in fish farms. Guess I'm going to go sea level. Santa Marta, Leticia, or the pacific....maybe Nuqui? But I agree estuary fishing usually good.

CH Do you happen to know who ur friend charters with or prices there? Closest airport...anything really. Thanks!!

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