How is Daily Life Different in Lake Chapala (from life in US)

I'm thinking what I hope will change is I won't have to repair the leaking fawcett, clean the gutters, mow the lawn (we're going to rent), but instead travel to see some ruins, lay on the beach, go to the gym, visit an art gallery. I am a little worried about clean water, crime, police. Can you help me feel
more comfortable about my decision to move there, and what pastimes and community activities are typical?

My husband walked around for 10 days and never felt unsafe.  We also did not get sick from the water .  You do separate bottled water for drinking  from water out of the tap.  For those who live there many have waterfiktration systems in their homes.


Thanks for the info.

We plan to visit in November. Any suggestions on what to look for, where to go?

Jerry and Susie

The nueva posada is in the village close to the lake chapala society and owned by a Canadian woman.  There are many nice places.  We stayed at hotel Danza del Sol.  Room were very large and comfortable, but a further walk to the village.  Still a cab to the village cost only $2.50.  Make sure you bust the restaurant Yves and The mission. 
Also my husband is blind and I'm 68.  We would have been easy pickins, if someone wanted to do us harm.  At hotel del sol, we asked the front desk if they knew anyone who could drive us around. He called a man named Tony .  He took us to Chapala and scorpion island.

That was supposed to be visit yves and the mission. One night a month they have international night at nueva posada.  We went and had trouble getting a cab.  The owner asked one of her employees to give us a ride back to Hotel Danza Del Sol.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I will make note of the motel and resturants. We hope to visit in November and I will make use of the info. If you think of anything else useful, please send it on. Weather here in Washington today cool and threatening rain. Susie's arthritis unhappy. Were really looking forward to getting there.

Jerry and Susie

Hi ! Got here couple of months ago from Florida. I feel safer here lol. Finding a rental in May was most difficult, everything already gone for the November thru march snowbirds high season. We ended up driving around and spotted a rent by owner. We got it but only thru November because it had been  rented already for November thru February. Weather here is the best anywhere I have lived from California to Florida. We walk at night and I haven't heard of any crime here. Police I have not meet yet. We have a driver for much less than cost of car . He knows everyone and everywhere. For a beach you will need to go to PV. Go to Tengo ! Best food ! And go to the expat help group The Lake Chapala Society. They have a large compound and info and all kind of classes. Any other info needed let me know I am in Ajijic. You will love it

I was only there 10 days , but it sounds like what I experienced.

One of the great things about living in Mexico is that labour is cheap. You won't have to do all those mundane things like mowing the lawn, fixing the leaky faucet, and cleaning the toilet. Plumbers come to your house (even on a Sunday) for 200-400 pesos, maids and gardeners typically run around 50 pesos per hour. So you have all the time in the world to explore Mexico and engage in any and every activity you can imagine and fit in your day. Lots of gyms and art galleries her Lakeside.
You need to drink filtered water in Mexico.
Police should be avoided. They aren't all bad but a 500 peso bribe will usually get you out of any trouble if you are stopped by them. These are the realities of Mexico.
Mexico is very safe (at least the Lake Chapala area) but petty theft is possible so just stay traveler wary and you'll be fine. Don't flash wads of money around. You wouldn't do that in any city in the U.S. either.
I live in Ajijic. Let me know if you have other questions.

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