Transporting pets to KSA - Dhahran

My 2 Siamese are family and if hired I will bring them with me. 

When I worked in the UAE, they flew Delta to Dubai. I flew to Abu Dhabi and my driver took me to Dubai to pick Keiko up. There was a lot of coordination on both ends. I applied via the agricultural ministry online initially. Then my local vet and Department of Agriculture in the US 7 days before flying.

Where is the nearest customs point - veterinary / agricultural specialist at the airport nearest to Dharhan? Can I begin the application online?  Is it in English? 

When the animal arrives, can I arrange with a local veterinarian to pick them up? And pay the veterinarian the up front import duties? And for temporary boarding? 

Who is the best feline veterinarian near Dhahran? More importantly, is there a good feline vet on Camp.

If you have done this personally versus through an animal transport firm, I would like your information.


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