Hello all.
I am currently living in new jersey. I have been looking for a job in quito. Not having much luck. I have a significant other that resides in Quito.
If anyone can offer any leads please let me know.  Thank you in advance

Hi Angelo66,

Welcome to :)

What kind of job are you looking for in Quito please?

I invite you to have a look at the Work in Quito article for more information.


Priscilla team

Hi prisila.

Well my spanish is not 100 pct fluent. I can speak it and do understand a great deal. Speaking italian as i do has been a great help. Open to working for a compnay were i can use my english to assist.  Being a native of new york i can help with the struggles that they might have. Knowledge of how things work in thr US.
please let me know if you can assit me
Best rdgs
Angelo Lauretta

Does anyone have a connection to business that import goods into Ecuador.  I can be a huge asset when it comes to pricing.
Thank you.
Im trying to relocate to quito, any help is welcomed

Thank you prisila.
That is a problem for me. My background is in the airline and cargo industry.
Not sure were i fit in.
I would like to work for some one needing a native new Yorker speaker.  I can sell, i understand the mentality of the US. I can assit huge company's in Ecuador that import goods frpm arounf tbe world financally.
Please let me know .
Thank you

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